Creating a 3D Drone

drone 3d model

I designed this concept based on my sketchs in the Codemodon Game Studio that I am currently working, for a commercial. I represented this vehicle as some part of a submarine and some part of a quadrocopter.

In this post I will explain the steps of creating this concept.


I started with this chamfer box with paramaters of 60x60x90 and 7 fillet. Increasing fillet segments is much more easy than adding turbosmooth or meshsmooth.


Then I added “FFD 2x2x2” modifier from modifier list. This modifier lets you to manipulate the mesh by as if the whole mesh is just a box. The submarine cabins roof is wider than the floor.


After giving the exact shape to the body, I divided the borders of glass and door with swift loop tool. “Swift Loop tool” makes easy many things. You can divide polygons with only one click. (Mark 1 shows the button of swift loop. In case if you dont see the panel which has swift loop tool, click to the button which is marked with 2, or your 3Ds Max version doesn’t have it)


Swift loop tool is availible only if you edit the mesh with “editable poly”. I detached the front window and the door just after dividing the edges with swift loop.





After detaching the door the steps that I follow explained above. I scaled down the door, I used boolean tool which is in “create>compound objects>boolean” to make an hole for a window on the door. At last I used shell modifier to make the door volumed.


Below of the vehicle is more primitive. I didnt used any complex shape. I created a construction with boxes and I added some details for the wings. I created some connection parts to make wings more realistic.



There are always many ways to create something in 3Ds Max. For the wings I followed the ways above. I draw a basic wing with line tool, extruded it and manipulated the shape with FFD 4x4x4 for making it look aerodynamic. If you add any material without using UVW, 3Ds Max will give you an error.

After that modifies the result of the construction is below.




I used the materials inside 3Ds Max. The name of the materials are above. I didn’t modified this materials. They come with 3Ds Max by default. After adding some details on door and adding materials the concept has done.

I took this render with Mental Ray.

I hope it was helpful. See you next time.