3Ds Max to Unity 3D export issues from the perspective of 3D designer

The most shocking thing after I started to create game assets is a huge part of the features of 3Ds Max and Maya are not supported in fbx export. And the only way to export a 3D model into a game engine is exporting the model as a fbx file. Static models like a building, a tree or a car etc. can be easily exported with materials. I had no problem with that. But other than “Skin“, “Physique” and “morpher“, wont be seen in the game engine. So you must do all the animations with bones and morpher targets.

And the other important thing is you should always “collapse all” by right clicking the modifier list just before exporting. Because for example if you want to export a model with turbo smooth, if you dont collapse the modifiers, turbosmooth wont be exported.


First year as a game artist

Past one year which I was working as a game artist in a game studio has taught me a lot of things. As the only artist in my studio, I have got many responsibilities. Before my professional carreer I always used to create my own, unique stuff. However, I have noticed that to release the game in time, it’s a good idea to take advantage of asset stores. So before a game we start to work, we always check asset store for (trees, cars, rocks etc.) as much as we can. It saves a lot of time and it lets you focus on more important things. Details are neccessary but not need to be totally unique if you are in a indie game studio.

It is important to choose right font. The font must be suitable for different languages in case of translation. Style must be fit on your game as well.

Teaser video of the game matters to make the game to be downloaded. The video must be released in social media or indie game blogs before the games publish. My favorite game teasers have in-game videos which show gameplay, as well as motion graphics and 2D or 3D animations according to the game. Keep in mind that teaser must be released weeks before the game. So the studio can reach as much gamers as possible.

Markets show the icon of the game as feature image and it is the first thing users will see. So the icon matters. It must be clear and must be able to be choosen among the others. Icon better to be designed seasonal-ready. For example in christmas you can be able to put a red hat on the icon.

A proffesional game designer I’ve met in a seminar recommended the “Agile Method” that means creating a playable version of the game immediately. It can be a walk on a line with your character or a car or even a box. Then you can improve graphics and gameplay later.