Bilge Adam – Beşiktaş Vodafone Park Game Design Summer Class

Between this July and August, we made a Game Design Class for highschool juniors. It was a great way to spend holidays for them. Amazing experience for us as well. It was a 3 weeks long program. We taught how to make a 2D game, a VR shooter game, motion graphics and video editing.

I explained basics of game art. We created a mobile game similar to Flappy Bird with Unity. In the course students created their own game design by changing minor things in Flappy Bird Design, they created their own stories, character designs, backgrounds, user interface and even their game trailer for market. Students had no design background but they learned everything rapidly. In my opinion most of their designs were even above industry standarts in the end of the class.


Cem explained game programming with Unity3D by using Bolt plugin. We chose Bolt because its node-based interface would be easier to understand for students rather than C# programming.


After the 2D game, Gökhan explained 3D modeling in 3Ds Max. Students created their own pistols for a VR Shooter game. The game was based on one of our studios VR experience, Medieval VR.


Here they are proudly presented their games to their parents and gain the certificates from Bilge Adam.

Results were amazing. I believe that the students have revealed their creativity. I would really like to see some of them in gaming industry in the future.

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