“BUG Spring Jam 2018” Notes

BUG Spring Jam was held in 13-15 April at Bahçeşehir University/ İstanbul. It took 48 hours. We teamed up as Gökhan (3D Art), Cenk (3D Art), Cem (Programmer) and me Günışığı (3D Art). Actually we have already spent a lot time as developer team. Because of that, the jam felt like an ordinary weekend for us. However it was great to work really dedicated on a project from idea to a prototype ( i think the result was little more than a prototype ) without distractions and obstacles.

The theme was ” Death… to the demoness Allegra Geller ” from the movie ” Existenz ”

We had individual ideas before the jam. Nowadays we are playing local multiplayer games such as “Gang Beasts” and “Stick Fight” and we really enjoy these games. We all agreed to create a game like them. We kind of mixed those games with the art of Gang Beasts and the pace of Stick Fight. We also influenced by Flippy Knife.

Game mechanics was cleaned up as;

  • Game will be a local multiplayer deathmatch
  • Max. 4 players
  • Players will spawn at the same time in different spots of the map
  • Players must throw the axes that they grab from ground to the enemies
  • Axes can be grabbed again after being thrown
  • Dead enemies will spawn again immediately

We started to create assets as quick as possible. We shared our needs. I undertook the characters, their textures and animatons and some props for the gameplay area. Gökhan created the axes and their textures and also some props. Cenk mainly worked on environment art. We used no pre-made assets. All the assets we used were created during the jam.

While we were working on models, Cem was working on codes and stuff. There is an early footage of the work.


As I mentioned above, we tried to create a similar atmosphere with Gang Beasts. We used Unity 3D’s standart shader for every 3D model. Environment models have solid colors. The color palette we used is below.

For the characters and axes, we decided to have more detailed 3D models. So for those models we just added substance painter into our pipeline. We detailed them with normal maps, height maps and metalness maps.

To make the characters more distinguishable, I gave them different colors and cosmetics. We are planning to make more hats that player can select. Currently there are 4 different hats as above. Comrade, Janissary, Kendo Guy, American Chief. Ignore the dead guys in the background.

Axes are very detailed and have different shapes according to their effects. They are currently the same but finally they will have different abilities. The first one is more likely to hit and kills instantly but goes shortest or the last one will trace enemy etc.

Here we are presenting our game to the other teams. Cem was talking about game while we were playing it. I really enjoyed the game, i couldn’t even listen the presentation.

We are planning to publish our game to Steam as soon as possible. It can be also published for Xbox and Play Station maybe even for iOS and Android.



How to 3D Low Poly Style Landscape


In this post I will explain the tricks of low poly style landscape render with 3Ds Max.1I started the project by creating the plane for the ground base mesh. Its a simple almost square 20×25 segment plane. Then I converted to “Edit Poly” by right clicking the mesh.


After creating ground I heightened the hills and the mountains with “soft selection tool” which is in Soft Selection panel at right side.

5  When I create the mountain tops I increased the pinch value of the soft selection tool as you see in the picture at left. Pinch value make the vertices which is in the falloff area of the selection stronger or weaker. The graph below values must be seen like a mountain.

Tip: You can start to create mountains with a lower pinch and you can increase the value a little after.



I finally decided to leave the mountains like above. 9

After finishing the ground, mountains material have to be set up. I decided to paint mountain body to brown and top of the mountain to white. Due to there is only one mesh to paint 3 different materials, the best solution is to use “multi-sub object”. To use this kind of material, Polygon Material ID’s must be grouped. I left the polygons that will be grass to default 1, I set the mountain body to ID 2 and the mountain top to ID 3. It can be set in Polygon Material IDs in the Edit Poly tab. As you can see above. Before setting the IDs the polygons which will be grouped must be already selected.



I am using “smooth” modifier to harden the meshes. It can be selected in modifier list>smooth. If Auto Smooth is selected, decrease the treshold amount and the mesh will be like low poly style.8

To create the multi/sub-object, Open the Material tab (press M) then click the button which says “standart” which is shown in the first picture above. It will open a new window. Pick “Multi/Sub-Object”. As you see in the 3rd picture above there is a list of material slots. Due to polygon material groups which is I did before the ID groups of the material will paint them.

1st ID is green for the ground

2nd ID is brown for the mountain body

3rd ID is white for the mountain top

If the material IDs set correctly the mesh will be shown like the picture below.




I created the trees in a very basic way. I created a cone, copied it 4 times and attached with a stick. I set the polygon material groups of the leaves to 2 and left the stick to default 1. I made a new multi sub object material and added it to the tree.clouds

Creating the clouds is a little bit tricky. I created a basic sphere with 16 segment then I used “pro-optimizer” modifier which is in the modifier list menu and I added “smooth” modifier to make it look low poly style. Just copied 3 times and variated it.



Stone is also created with the same modifiers.



To create a forest, copying and copying is not the best way. It takes time and it will be like un aligned by the ground with hills. I think the best way to make a forest is to using the “Object Paint Tool” which is above of the viewport screen. Before using this tool make sure the object that you want to copy is 1 mesh.

Press the button which is marked with the number “1” then click the tree mesh. Press the button which is marked with 2 and you can click to the ground where you want to create a tree. It will copy the tree where you will click. It is also aligned by the Axis “Z”. It means if you click the mountain the tree will not stay below the ground. If new trees are so big you can manipulate the values which is marked with “3” cyan color.


I put the stones with the same tools. I copied some clouds to the sky and added some details like the river, rainbow and stuff.